Consider the Product...

A simple way to introduce a simple newsletter

When it comes to building products in the 21st Century and beyond, what you have to consider has gotten a lot more different.

Not every single product is copyrighted and patented from the start. There’s more competition, and a higher chance someone has already thought of something similar.

It’s a fight to the top, but it’s also a fight again the world wide web, a medium that offers ways for ideas and concepts to spread faster than ever. That’s why you have to consider what your product is.

And maybe it’s not just you.

You’re joined by a team, advisors, mentors, and more who are helping you build out your frameworks and methodologies, and that’s forming into something that you can sell, trade, and take on the road.

And what this newsletter does is offer you a chance to find the resources, strategies, and ideas to better harness the power of what makes product development, design, and strategy so powerful with the right team behind it.

There’s a lot of content coming. Some might seem fairly on point, some might be pulled from the far reaches of the internet where the convention is challenged. The key consistency is that there’s going to be organized chaos when you’re trying to build something, and finding the right combination of strategies, hacks, and more to build what you see in your head is going to require putting some pieces of a greater puzzle together.

I’ve built products for Fortune 500, I’ve started my own startups, I’ve invested in startups, coached, advised, developed, and more. Now, I’m ready to share the method to the madness, and I hope you stick around for the journey.